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Examchoke.net – The Most Trusted NABTEB Exam Expo Website in Nigeria!

With a quality assurance of providing you with questions and answers a day/midnight before the exam, trust us on that. NABTEB 2024 Exam Runz/Answers/Questions/Exp/Runs/Chokes/Site. Please read through the page to understand how it all works here. If you are not ready to set yourself free from the 2024 NABTEB May/June bondage, then you shouldn’t be here.

For more inquiries on how to subscribe, call/WhatsApp 08126139640. Our NABTEB Expo 2024 price is 6000, and the price will increase to 7500 soon.

2024 NABTEB Subjects Available:
* English
* Mathematics
* Biology
* Physics
* Chemistry
* Literature in English
* Government
* Economics
* Commerce
* I.R.K
* Agric Science
* Geography
* Accounting
* Further Maths
* Civil Education
* Computer Science
* Office Practice
* Physics Practical
* Chemistry Practical
* Biology Practical
* Agric Practical
* Computer Practical
* Ict practical

Our Subscription Price List (WhatsApp Delivery):
* All Subjects (Science, Art, Commercial) Practicals: N12,000
* For 9, 8 & 7 Subjects Practicals: N6,000
* For 9, 8 & 7 Subjects Without Practicals: N5,000
* For 6, 5 & 4 Subjects Practicals: N4,500
* For 6, 5 & 4 Subjects Without Practicals: N4,000
* English & Mathematics: N1,000 each
* Payment Per Subject: N600 each
* Link payment For all Subject: N9,500
* Link Payment For 9, 8 & 7 Subjects: N5,000
* Link Payment Per Subject: N500 each

To pay through the bank, contact Mr. Exam Choke to ask for the account number.

After payment, send the name you used when you deposited, the bank name, your payment deposit slip number, your phone number, your subjects, and a short text ‘I Paid for 2024 Nabteb MAY/JUNE Solution’ as an SMS to 08126139640.

For example: Name: Ibram Isa, Teller number: 823255Cddg, Phone Number: 081234567, Subjects: Eng, Maths, Phys, Econs, Chem, Bio, Geo, Agric & Commerce. I paid for Nabteb MAY/JUNE Solution.

Automatically, you are now listed in our SMS – NABTEB MAY/JUNE SOLUTION LIST after we receive a notification from the bank.

Easily subscribe for NABTEB 2024 Exam Runz using MTN card.

Experience a seamless subscription process with the convenience of recharging via MTN card for NABTEB 2024 Exam Runz. Choose the best subscription plan for you and send or transfer the exact amount of airtime to 08126139640.
Subscription Price List (SMS DELIVERY):
* All Subjects (Science, Art, Commercial) Practicals: N13,000
* For 9, 8 & 7 Subjects Practicals: N6,500
* For 9, 8 & 7 Subjects Without Practicals: N5,500
* For 6, 5 & 4 Subjects Practicals: N5,000
* For 6, 5 & 4 Subjects Without Practicals: N4,500
* English & Mathematics: N1,000 each
* Payment Per Subject: N800 each
* Link payment For all Subject: N7,000
* Link Payment For 9, 8 & 7 Subjects: N5,000
* Link Payment Per Subject: N500 each

To subscribe with MTN card, send the following details:
(i) MTN CARD Pin(s) or Transfer.
(ii) Subjects.
(iii) Name.
(iv) Phone number to 08126139640

Expect immediate confirmation text after your payment, either immediately or in the night before your exam. Our runs pattern ensures you receive answers directly on your phone or through a link/password midnight before the exam. Note: Answers will not be posted for free; subscribe or write your exams in the hot seat. Act wisely, your success is your weapon.

For inquiries, call/WhatsApp: 08126139640